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2014-2015 Affirmation and Budget Drive Form

Nourishing Spirits...   Working for Justice...   Transforming Lives...

Community Unitarian Universalist Church is both an important part of your life and a valued resource in the wider community. Your financial contribution does more than pay the bills. It is an investment in Nourishing Spirits, Working for Justice and Transforming Lives.

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I/we commit the following total annual amount to support the operating budget

for the June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 fiscal year (please enter amount in box below):

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If your circumstances change over the course of the upcoming year and you would like to revise your financial commitment or method of payment, please notify the Treasurer. Make sure to complete your 2013-2014 pledge. Write '2013-2014 Pledge' or '2014-2015 Pledge' on the info line of your check to ensure that it is credited to the correct fiscal year.

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