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Sermon Archive - 2016

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This archive contains audio files of sermons from services at Community UU Church. You will have to attend in person to hear the great music from our services or the Message for All Ages or the Readings! Copyright rules prohibit us from distributing these recordings.

All sermons are in mp3 format. To listen to the files on your computer, you will need a media player such as Windows Media Player®, QuickTime®, or RealPlayer®. If you are not sure whether you have a media player, left-click on the Sermon link and the associated software will open if you have a media player installed. All Announcements and Orders of Worship are in PDF format.

To download a file to your computer, right-click on the Announcements, Order of Worship and/or Sermon link and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer®) or "Save Link As" (Firefox® or Google Chrome®).

Unless otherwise indicated, all recordings Copyright © 2016 Community Unitarian Universalist Church of Plano. All Rights Reserved.

These audio files may not be sold or otherwise distributed without permission.

Theological Theme for May: Transcendence

   May 29 ~ Beyond the Pale ~ Special Musical Guests
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 0.0 MB

   May 22 ~ "Mysticism, Transcendence and the Laundry" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 0.0 MB   

   May 15 ~ "Hungering for the Sacred" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 11.1 MB

   May 8 ~ Flower Communion and Mother's Day Celebration
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship
      "Julia Ward Howe and Her Mother's Day Proclamation" ~ Kathy Smith and Karen Roggenkamp
      "The Story of the Rev. Norbert F. Capek and the Flower Communion" ~ Rev. Patrick Price

   May 1 ~ Beltane Celebration ~ Guest Speakers, Elena Westbrook and Kathy Smith
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ We're sorry - sermon not available

Theological Theme for April: Transformation

   April 24 ~ "My good spirit, my better self." ~ Guest Speaker, Tom Kellner
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 9.4 MB

   April 17 ~ "Roots hold me close. Wings set me free." ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 9.6 MB

   April 10 ~ "The Heart of Whiteness: Understanding Power and Privilege" ~ Guest Speaker: Robert Jensen, PhD
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 10.5 MB

   April 3 ~ "Transformation: Beyond the Novelty of Change" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 9.3 MB

Theological Theme for March: Brokenness


   March 27 ~ Easter Sunday ~ Rev. Patrick Price, Kathy Smith and MaryAnn Owens
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship
      Biblical Perspective: "Passion Week: The Witness and Death of Jesus" 1.8 MB
      U/U Perspective: "U/U Insights about Jesus" 2.2 MB
      Homily: "Busted, Blended and Mended" 1.6 MB 

   March 20 ~ "The Roots of Brokenness: Self-Grasping and Self-Cherishing" ~ Guest Speaker: Ven. Tashi Nyima
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 5.4 MB

   March 13 ~ "Healing the Broken" ~ Guest Speaker: Name Withheld by Request
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ We're sorry - sermon not available

   March 6 ~ "You Break It, You Buy It" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 8.6 MB

Theological Theme for February:

   February 28 ~ "Taking the Leap Forward" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 12.2 MB

   February 21 ~ Evolution Sunday ~ Guest Speakers: Elena Westbrook, Jeannette Baillie and Cheri Naquin
      Sorry, No Announcements ~ Order of Worship
      "The Power of Observation" ~ Jeannette Baillie ~ Homily1 4.8 MB
      "What Would Albertus Magnus Do?" ~ Cheri Naquin ~ Homily2 3.4 MB
      "Why Is Teaching Evolution Scary?" ~ Elena Westbrook ~ Homily3 6.8 MB 

   February 14 ~ "What Has Love Got to Do With It?" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 10.5 MB

   February 7 ~ "Where Is Love?" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 11.2 MB

Theological Theme for January:

   January 31 ~ "More than Marriage: LBGTQ Equality After Ogberfell v. Hodges" ~ Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Harper
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 10.5 MB

   January 24 ~ "Equal Justice" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 11.5 MB

   January 17 ~ "A Justice Made of Love" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 9.3 MB

   January 10 ~ "A Question Box Sermon" ~ Rev. Patrick Price
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 19.0 MB

   January 3 ~ "The Fast I Choose, a winding journey to becoming a human rights lawyer" ~ Guest Speaker: Bill Holston
      Announcements ~ Order of Worship ~ Sermon 11.3 MB