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Annual Service Auction

Post Service Auction Sale - There's still time to get a great Service Auction item!

Several items didn’t receive a minimum bid at our recent Service Auction, so we’re offering a post-auction sale in Founders Hall over the next two Sundays (December 6th and 13th).  The minimum bids have been reduced on most items.  Check out these items with updated minimum bid amounts: Click Here. Bidding will conclude Sunday evening, December 13th (after the Sai Baba folks have had a chance to bid) and winners will be notified on Monday, December 14th.

Our next Service Auction will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015!

Our Annual Service Auction the third and largest in our Big 3 Fundraisers series, and this year we're going far! Our goal for this year is $20,000, and to get there we're going "Around The World!" We hope you can come and enjoy a wonderful, lively evening which includes dinner and childcare as well!!

Become a Table Host

As always, reservations for hosting tables will go quickly, so hurry with your request. Hosting a table is easy - just notify that you want to be a table host, and we'll reserve your table. If you were to travel around the world, what would that look like? What ideas come to mind? Venice? Magellan? The Mercury space capsule? Create your own take on what "Around the World" means to you, then deck your table out accordingly since you, the host, can choose how to decorate your table. Next, invite seven other guests to share in your table, and come dressed for it as well. A Jules Verne-themed table is rich with characters. If decorating or dressing up is not your thing, that's okay too. Just invite your friends to your table and enjoy the evening.

Invite Yourself, Please

There's no need to wait for an invitation to come. We need people to "travel" with us, and who better than you? When traveling abroad, you never know whom you'll meet. Jump in with both feet.
Just fill out the Attendance Reservation Form and we'll be sure that everyone has a seat at a table.

Go on Safari, Acquire Items

Auctions need goods and services to auction off in order to be considered, you know, an auction. In years past, we've offered up orthodontics, music lessons, electronics, unique meals and parties, musical instruments, art work, handyman services, creatively decorated and filled gift baskets and a lot more! What can we acquire from abroad?
You can even solicit local businesses that you frequent for donations. You can download and use this solicitation letter (Letter) to present to the business manager to show that you're legitimate.

If you've got goods or services to donate or just an interest in either donating or in soliciting for donations, just fill out the Service Auction Donation Form. If you're considering donating an event, or if you just want to see what submitted events are happening when, take a look at the Calendar of Events.

Arrive at the Gate - don't be late!

Save the date! Mark Saturday, November 21st in red on your calendars!!
All the action happens in the Sanctuary and the evening's itenerary is:

5:00 pm: Doors open for silent auction bidding

6:00 pm: Dinner is served

7:00 pm: Live auction starts

Your ticket ($15) includes a delicious catered dinner with options for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. The evening promises to be lots of fun, you'll have a chance to bid on wonderful auction items, and you'll be supporting our church. Three very good reasons to travel "Around The World!" with us!!!

What do we have to auction?

Check out our Live Auction Items here and Silent Auction Items here.  Item lists last updated on November 18, 2015 @ 3:30pm.  Many items remain to be added and the lists will be finalized on Thursday, November 19th.  Thanks so much for your donations!

We'll see you at the gate - remember to bring your passport - seats and tray tables all the way forward - fasten your seat belts - and prepare to take off and have lots of fun!!!