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Church Chats

Isn't it cool that we can listen to a sermon or a reading or a song in church and disagree with what it says?

Chances are, we'll like what the minister or other speaker says. We might even think, "That's exactly how I feel, but I couldn't have articulated it so well." We may want to stand up and holler "Amen!". But sometimes we might silently shake our head in doubt or look at our neighbor and mutter "That can't be right!"

The point is, as Unitarian Universalists, we're encouraged to have our own opinions and thoughtfully come to our own conclusions. Most of us do think for ourselves. And many appreciate the chance to share our observations, bounce ideas off other receptive thinkers, or look for validation – or redirection – of our reactions to what goes on in a Sunday service.

There's a perfect opportunity to do any of the above, right here at church, after you've munched and mingled in Founders Hall but before you drive away and forget what the service was all about. It's called Church Chats.

Every Sunday (with a few exceptions), you can join a group, usually in the sanctuary, to discuss that morning's service and your responses to it. Some participants might have found reinforcement for their beliefs. Some might have had an "aha" moment. Someone else may question an assertion that came up. And by sharing their thoughts and feelings, those in the group can find further reinforcement – or challenges.

Besides that, the informal discussion allows individuals to get to know each other in ways that might not otherwise be possible. Everyone attending is encouraged contribute and to tactfully respond to the others.

If you're not already a Church Chats regular, drop in on any Sunday. The discussion begins about 15 minutes after the end of the service. A reminder is usually given beforehand in Founders Hall.

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