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Our Memory Garden

"OUR MEMORY GARDEN" is a beautiful addition to our church grounds.

Our lovely garden is to the West of the church, outside the windows of the sanctuary. It provides a backdrop to our worship that enhances its spirituality for many of you. The design is reminiscent of a mandala, an Asian guide to meditation and self-reflection. At the center is a fountain.

The sound of the fountain is soft and relaxing. Surrounding the fountain are benches where you can sit and reflect or just think clearly.

At a planning meeting, someone said that the Memory Garden was to honor the past. That's certainly part of its purpose. However, everyone has enjoyed its beauty, peace and tranquility from the day it was blessed, and we have a place to honor our friends in the church as well as our relatives. We are able to spend a bit of time there celebrating lives in which we played a part. Or our own present or future. What a glorious addition to our church!



The focal point of the garden is the beautiful fountain,

given by Nancy Murphey



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