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Community Harvest

See our Brochure

Community Harvest Community Garden provides 25 sunny, raised bed plots, Blackberry canes, fig trees, and community herb gardens for individuals and families who need space for a garden, want to learn organic vegetable gardening techniques, and have a desire to give back to their community. Fifty percent of the produce raised is shared weekly with food pantries and local shelters.

Our vision is to foster communication and understanding across cultures and ages while working side by side.

Demonstration gardens showing drought-tolerant practices include: a keyhole garden, hugel kulture mount and terrace gardens, and a food forest. Composting of plant material is accomplished through several types of bins throughout the garden. Food waste composts in bio-digesters and the columns of the keyhole and tower gardens.

We welcome participation in several ways: harvesting Saturday mornings assisting with garden maintenance chores as scheuled, and adopting a plot. Water, compost, fertilizer, organic pest control products, hoses, tools, and seeds are provided. We ask for a commitment of 4-6 hours/month. Read through the Adopt-a-Plot Agreement Form for more information. For those interested in adopting a plot, submit the signed form (without payment) to assume a place on the waiting list.

Visit our website at and for more information, contact Community Harvest.

Visit our beautiful photo collage and cookbook:

 Great things are happening with the Community Harvest Garden:


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Community Harvest, our community garden ministry and outreach program, was launched in 2007 with fourteen plots maintained, individually or in groups, by members of Community Unitarian Universalist Church. Thanks to your moral support, sweat equity, and seed money, it was a huge success. 349.4 pounds of fresh produce were shared with the community: 167.4 pounds to God's Food Pantry, City House and Samaritan Inn - 182 pounds reported shared with neighbors in need, AIDS hospice in South Dallas and the local fire station. We had 22 gardeners, several of whom were our neighbors, growing vegetables in an earth friendly way to share with the community.


The Harvest Team

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