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Our Strategic Planning Committee adopted a definition of "Ministry" that includes everything the church does for itself, its members or the larger community. That's pretty comprehensive, but it reflects an idea that has been espoused by our denominational leaders and is spreading throughout our member churches. The notion of a minister as an individual with special access to"the" truth and congregants gathering to learn at the feet of the master has always been a poor fit for Unitarian Universalists. We value being members of a group of thoughtful questers, while clinging fiercely to the individuality of our quests. The Reverend Price offered a sermon on Unitarian Universalist Evangelism, and some people were stunned to hear those words used together.

However, he made it clear that we would not be seeking to convert or proselytize. Our job is to get the word out, to let people know about us and what we have to offer. Then "closet UUs" can visit us and decide if we could be their church home. To that end, we are all "small m" missionaries.

Thus, our church has many ministries. In fact, the logo of Community Harvest, our community garden project, includes the words, "A Ministry of Community Unitarian Universalist Church." The same could be said of our Caring Committee and our Social Action programs. These allow us to live our faith for the benefit of others. The choir? As in many churches, it allows us to sing out our joy and passion in community with our fellow missionaries. And it just feels good!

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