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Nursery Care

Welcome to our nursery! We work hard to make our nursery a welcoming, safe, and nurturing space for our youngest children. We would be proud to show you around and answer your questions! There are some questions we can probably get out of the way by answering them here, though, since experience tells us that there are some questions that almost everyone asks.

When is nursery care offered on Sunday mornings?

The nursery is open on Sunday mornings from 9:40 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The nursery may be open longer, depending on the schedule for the day.

How old should my child be for nursery care?

Nursery care on Sunday mornings is offered for infants through age three. (To graduate to our preschool class, a child should be past the third birthday and potty-trained.) On Sunday mornings before service, you will sometimes see older children drawing, reading, or playing quietly in the nursery - their parents are involved in a church meeting or choir rehearsal, and they will go to their classes when church starts.

What should I bring?

Please bring diapers and a change of clothing in a labeled bag – and label bottles and toys as well. Speaking of toys – if you are worried about losing it, please don’t bring it to the nursery. We cannot be responsible for lost or broken items, including electronics.

What if I'm still nursing my baby/toddler?

You and your child are welcome here! Just tell us what you would like us to do when he or she is hungry, and let us know where you'll be sitting in case we need to get you during the service. We have rockers and chairs in the nursery, or our Quiet Room is available if you prefer privacy.

Can I stay with my child in the nursery?

Feel free to stay with your child until you are both comfortable in this new setting!

Can I bring my child into the worship service instead?

Of course. Children are always welcome to stay with their parents. We also have a Quiet Room just off the sanctuary where mothers can nurse their babies if they prefer privacy, or parents can sit with a fussy child. The Quiet Room has a window to the sanctuary and sound piped in through our speaker system.

What will my child do while I am in the worship service?

Babies and toddlers play - nursery time is FUN time! We have a wide variety of age-appropriate toys, from sensory stimulation toys for infants through puzzles and Duplo blocks for toddlers. We have a kitchen area, workbench, and dress-up box for role-play, a dollhouse and train table for pretend play, board books to read and pictures to draw. We have a bassinet and small crib available if your baby needs a nap while in our care. Nursery staff also care for your child’s physical needs and help our little ones learn how to be in community with each other.

What safety precautions do you have in place?

Our nursery is staffed with paid, trained caregivers who are CPR and First Aid certified and have undergone background checks. We regularly check the room for safety hazards and remove or repair them immediately. We clean and sanitize the room after every use. With a minimum of two staff present at all times, low staff-to-child ratios, and a check-in and check-out system, you can enjoy the service without worrying about your child's safety.

Do you have any restrictions on nursery care?

  • Children in the nursery must have a parent present in the building. 
  • All parents/guardians must fill out a Nursery Registration form (PDF). After the third visit, we ask that you fill out a registration form.
  • All children will be released only to the adult who signed them in or another guardian designated by the person who signed them in. 
  • No medications will be given to any child by nursery staff. 
  • To ensure the health and safety of all children, we do not provide care for children with communicable illnesses. This means no colored discharge from the eyes or nose, no fever, no vomiting or diarrhea, and no contagious sores or poxes. A child who has been ill must be healthy and fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to nursery care. 

Is childcare available at other times?

Free childcare for babies, toddlers and older children is also provided by request for all church functions, such as New UU classes, adult religious education classes, church meetings, social events, and fundraisers. To request childcare, please send an email to at least 72 hours before the event.

What if I have other questions?

If you have a question about our nursery, please contact our Interim Director of Religious Education, Rev. Jennifer Innis by e-mail or by calling the church at (972) 424-8989.


We're also proud of our playground, which was dedicated in September, 2008. We have a shaded seating area for parents and caregivers, as well as a climbing tower, slides, a tire swing, and a large play area for children.


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