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Supporting the Church

In our church, "support" has several meanings:

Community UU Church is us! We are not a "flock" following a minister who provides us with a spiritual direction. While the minister plays a unique and important role, he actually is part of the "collective" we call a church. Therefore, the first way we support the church is by supporting each other.

The second meaning would be first at other churches: financial support. Like those other churches, our "collective" has bills to pay. Unlike those other churches, the amount you contribute to sustain the church is a matter of choice. However, several years ago, the church leadership set a giving goal of five percent or more of a member's income. Each year, more members match or surpass the five percent contribution, and past strong canvasses have enabled us to go beyond just paying the bills to improving our programs and services. Robust financial support helps us to build for the future.

We have a fine piece of property and a physical plant that serves us well, but property requires work. There is grass to be mowed, gardens to be tended, painting and repairs. On Odds N Ends Saturdays (mostly monthly) we gather to spruce up the place. Our third, very concrete, form of support is sharing our community responsibility to take care of our facilities.

Our first three examples look inward, but we are part of a larger community. Unitarian Universalists have traditionally made their concerns manifest through their actions. Whether it was our predecessors marching with Dr. King in Selma, our own work with Katrina survivors or collecting coats for Mexican children, serving dinner at Samaritan House or our Community Harvest garden, we are actively caring members of our larger community. By living our faith, we also support our church.

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