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Religious Education - Teens

Our youth are valued members of our church, and we are grateful for their wisdom, their enthusiam and their active participation in the life of our church community! We have several programs for teens, depending on their age.

On Sunday mornings, we offer religious education classes for middle school and high school. We are also proud to offer two year-long classes for 8th- and 9th-graders - Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives. More about them in a moment!

Middle School: Middle school is where we really put our values into practice – speaking up against bullying, tackling thorny questions of right and wrong, working on social justice projects. Relationships are all-important at this age, so we include discussion, games and bonding experiences, too! (Visitors in 8th grade go to this class.) Middle-schoolers also participate in two social activities sponsored by the DFW-area UU churches. RUUMPUUS is a day-long ropes course challenge in October. CongrUUity is an overnight conference in mid-February. Both are valuable and FUN opportunities to become friends with other youth who have similar values!

High School (YRUU or Young Religious Unitarian Universalists): The theme of our Sunday morning classes follow the monthly sermon topics, but the lessons are planned with youth in mind! On any given week, we might be creating a joint art project, poking through websites for information, playing a cooperative game, or ... come and see! Sunday morning classes are planned and led by adult advisors, guided by the youth’s planning and preferences. Since we are planning a service trip to New Orleans in the summer of 2013, once a month we will be learning about some aspect of life in New Orleans. (Visitors in 9th grade go to this class.) The first Sunday of the month we have social time from 12 noon - 1:30 p.m. This social time gives them time to develop close friendships with other UU youth, and offers a safe place for them to share their thoughts and feelings and joys and sorrows. Approximately once a month the youth plan an outing, lock-in, rally or other special event. In addition to activities at our church, our youth are also active in local events and district-wide gatherings. Check with the youth and their advisors to see what's happening this month!

8th-9th Grade: We are proud to offer two special year-long classes for our early teens – Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives. Every other year, we offer Our Whole Lives (8th-9th level), which teaches values, relationships, and sex education in a moral context. In the alternate years, Coming of Age encourages 8th- and 9th-graders to think through and articulate their personal belief systems, culminating in a youth-led worship service and a Heritage Trip to Boston (using funds raised by the youth). Both these classes require a year-long commitment and thus are only open to visitors and newcomers at the beginning of the program year.

We welcome you to our Religious Education Program. For more information about teen programs at Community UU Church or if you wish to discuss your teen's needs with our Director of Religious Education, please email We're looking forward to meeting you!


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