2023 August

  • Reviewed congregation security survey responses and conversations with the UUA Security Consultant and other churches.  Approved plan for security camera installation.
  • Approved Congregation Administrator letter of agreement with John Elder.
  • Approved Sarah Reiling, Chris Spencer, and Nancy Barlow to serve as Committee on Ministry for Rev. Dr. Aija Duelm.
  • Approved religious education start up time as 9:15 to allow a full hour of class before the service.

2023 July

Goals set for ’23-’24 during our retreat:

  • Provide human sexuality education, children and youth faith formation opportunities and launch an ongoing adult RE program.
  • Develop and implement a communications plan to express the voice of CUUC, strengthen internal communication and enhance engagement with external  audiences.
  • Foster member and volunteer involvement in the church life and expand leadership development efforts.
  • Explore the possibility of grant financing for bathrooms and kitchen.

The Board accepted Jeannette Baillie’s resignation after three years of dedicated service while our church adapted to the crises of flood damage, renovation, and Covid restrictions.

Cas Boone was appointed as the church custodian.  This allows the church to discontinue contract cleaning, reduce costs, and improve service.