2024 January

  • Approved new members to the Leadership Development Committee (LDC): Joining Dick Hildenbrand are Elena Westbrook, Celeste Kennedy, Tom Bieg, and Victoria Rachel.
  • Approved nominations from the LDC: Pending the vote at our May meeting: Barb Salvo will serve as president-elect through May and president through May 2025. Jennifer Crumley will fill her board position through May 2025.
  • Approved Tom Brikowski’s proposal for an Eclipse Day camping/RV event April 5-8th on our property north of the church.
  • Approved to accept Jodie Zoeller’s resignation from the Board of Trustees.
  • Appointed Bill Daffinee as chair for CUUC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 2025.

2023 December

  • Increased Sunday presence of Board Member on Duty to two trustees present 9-1:00. Voted to discontinue Sunday morning security service January 2024.
  • Approved Erin Snider as Religious Education Administrator Jan. – May 2024.
  • Approved application for Brite Divinity student to serve as Religious Education and Social Justice Coordinator. Approved submitting an NTUUC grant to fund coordinator position.
  • Approved Mike Edgmon and Stan Darnell as Co-chairs of the Facilities Team.
  • Approved Rev. Aija as supervisor of Sexton. We are searching for a nonmember who would like 2-3 hours/wk. at $18/hour to work on church cleaning duties with Sexton and be flexible in subbing when needed. Contact president@communityuuchurch.org if you know of a candidate.

2023 November

  • Agreed to pursue hiring a TCU Bright Divinity Intern for a year to assist with the RE program and apply for an NTUUC grant to fund the position.
  • Approved June Bruns e-blast announcement to the congregation about conversion to Breeze database and transfer of pledge payments before 2024.
  • Approved revision to Worship Associates Policy and Procedures: Worship Associates are selected collaboratively by the Minister and existing WA team not only for skills in leading worship, but also as exemplars of Unitarian Universalism leadership. They are expected not only to lead services, but also to participate in planning meetings and to be good examples to members and visitors. Therefore, Worship Associates must be members in good standing of Community UU Church and they may be removed by the Minister and/or a vote of the other WA’s if these expectations are not met. Worship Associates do not serve set terms.

2023 October

  • Appointed Dick Hildenbrand as chair of the Leadership Development Committee to identify, recruit, and educate leaders of the church.
  • Approved Dallas Sai Center’s (DSC) request to install a TV screen to monitor security cameras during services. It will be installed between the back side door and the library. Approved installation of an additional projector and screen over the windows at the memory garden. All items and electrical work will be paid for by DSC.
  • Approved discontinued use of our Twitter (now X) account. We will keep the account to prevent others from using our name.

2023 September

  • Appointed Bill Daffinee as Trustee at Large to the Board of Trustees through May 2024 completing the term vacated by Jeannette Baillie. Bill’s portfolio will be Communications.
  • Scheduled the Fall Congregational Meeting for November 5, 2023, following the Sunday service. It will be streamed.
  • The new front door now has an electronic locking device that will automatically lock the door once the service begins.
  • Joyce Thompson and the Emergency Response Team led an evacuation drill after the service on September 24.
  • Extended our contract with video editing contractor, Chris Ronin. Several new proposals will enhance our on-line presence. This is funded through the AV grant we received from the North Texas UU Congregations (NTUUC).

2023 August

  • Reviewed congregation security survey responses and conversations with the UUA Security Consultant and other churches.  Approved plan for security camera installation.
  • Approved Congregation Administrator letter of agreement with John Elder.
  • Approved Sarah Reiling, Chris Spencer, and Nancy Barlow to serve as Committee on Ministry for Rev. Dr. Aija Duelm.
  • Approved religious education start up time as 9:15 to allow a full hour of class before the service.

2023 July

Goals set for ’23-’24 during our retreat:

  • Provide human sexuality education, children and youth faith formation opportunities and launch an ongoing adult RE program.
  • Develop and implement a communications plan to express the voice of CUUC, strengthen internal communication and enhance engagement with external  audiences.
  • Foster member and volunteer involvement in the church life and expand leadership development efforts.
  • Explore the possibility of grant financing for bathrooms and kitchen.

The Board accepted Jeannette Baillie’s resignation after three years of dedicated service while our church adapted to the crises of flood damage, renovation, and Covid restrictions.

Cas Boone was appointed as the church custodian.  This allows the church to discontinue contract cleaning, reduce costs, and improve service.