Annual Service Auction

It’s getting closer! The 2019 Service Auction “it’s a Mystery” is coming Saturday, November 16 is our annual service auction. Your ticket price includes dinner! It’s not just a fundraiser, it’s a party! Join us for an evening of fun and fellowship while you bid on goods, events, and services donated by members and the community, in both live and silent auctions.

Get your creative juices flowing now for table ideas, because our theme this year is “It’s a Mystery”! Perhaps you’re an Agatha Christie fan with a table of witnesses and suspects, or an aspiring Sam Spade surrounded by hard boiled toughs and dubious dames. Maybe the mysteries of life, the universe and everything that intrigues you- what lies beyond the edge of our solar system? What lurks in the murky unexplored depths of the oceans? Who or what awaits us in the afterlife? What are they hiding at Area 51? There are many ways to support this event: donate goods and services, host a table, help with planning and setup, number-crunching, and more. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Sarah Reiling- this is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it takes many hands to make magic!