July 7, 2021  During the past month there has not been appreciable physical progress on the church, however, there has been some scheduling shifts for various reasons. We’ve received some funds to apply to the renovation. Also, several preparatory activities have been happening.

  1. About mid-June we discovered mold on several surfaces throughout the main building. We believe this was caused by the earlier removal of carpeting and drywall damaged by the freeze event – mold spores liberated from behind or underneath that had been trapped beforehand. Some we attribute directly to the freeze event (e.g., carpet removal) and some attributable to chronic leakage through the exterior walls, especially around several windows. We intend to submit a supplemental claim for that damage we believe directly attributable to the freeze event.
  2. Upon discovery of the mold, we contacted our mold inspector and received his report on June 25th. We then contacted the mold remediators (RestoPro) and did a walk-through last week and are awaiting his estimate. Once we receive his estimate (split into freeze-related and non-freeze-related), we will file another claim with our insurance provider, Church Mutual, for freeze-related damage.
  3. A lot of effort has been expended in the past couple of weeks to organize/consolidate items in the church that need to be cleaned to eliminate mold – rugs, chairs and other upholstered items, paraments, banners, curtains, etc. Jen Mason will handle the cleaning of the latter and we will get a quote from Cyclone Pro cleaners for the former.
  4. An earlier solution to stop the water seepage onto the Nursery floor from the windows (which worked) was replicated for similar leaks in the Sanctuary, Minister’s Study and Founders Hall. The solution appears to have worked for all areas except of Founders Hall. In Founders Hall, we will be removing the exterior wall’s drywall and insulation to see if we can find the root cause of the leaks. For mold remediation, we will encapsulate the sheathing to prevent subsequent mold from entering the interior and foam insulating the wall.
  5. Our remodeler (Lone Start Remodeling) has informed us that he needs to push his start date back from the beginning of July to the end of July due to other projects ahead of us. Regardless of this, we would have had to push his start date back due to the need to complete mold remediation first. Once remodeling work starts, we estimate 6-8 weeks before the church is usable.
  6. We received the initial insurance check for $115,181.01 in June. This check had a depreciation discount which will be paid to us later upon replacement of the designated items.
  7. We applied for a UUA Disaster Relief Grant and were awarded a $30,000 grant. The check was received on July 3rd.
  8. Bill Daffinee is still working with Church Mutual’s appraiser and staff on different aspects of our insurance claims.
  9. Dick Hildenbrand met with Angela Hathaway (RE Board) to get a compilation of all the books and their ISBNs for insurance reimbursement and replacement. This list should be complete within a week.
  10. Melissa Hildenbrand has been asked to come up with a proposal of three sets of color/material schemes. These will be evaluated by our team of Jen Mason, Chris Spencer, Brennan Hadden and Pastor Kris and their recommendation will be passed on to the congregation for a vote.
  11. My best guess at this point would be a re-opening sometime around October 2021.

JUNE 1, 2021  The committee recommends engaging Lone Star Remodeling to do renovation. This is an employeeowned and operated local company that proved to be reliable and trustworthy in the past. Lone Star provided an estimate of $179,970 for completion of the current work. Lone Star is negotiating the settlement amount with our insurance provider. This will delay the start of work until July, with estimated completion sometime in August. Work to create an ADAcompliant restroom is not included in the current restoration plan. Another Congregational vote will be needed later to authorize spending for additional building renovation and upgrades. There is no working phone in the building now, except near the circuit breakers. Phone calls to the church are being forwarded to a cell phone that Connie will monitor and answer during business hours.

MAY 23, 2021  As of mid-May we have completed the first round of insurance claim/reimbursement/remodel contract negotiations (B. Daffinee – S. Mason). Initial cleanup by church members allowed us to recover our insurance deductible. The insurance covers replacement value, but depreciation and rapidly increasing materials and labor cost/availability are complications that have yet to be fully resolved. We hope to have a remodeling contract in place by the end of the fiscal year, with remodeling to begin by the end of July,

FEBRUARY 16 – APRIL 12, 2021  During our week of extreme winter weather our church building suffered from burst pipes and LOTS of water damage. Detailed description of this event and restoration progress.