Community UU’s 7th Annual Holiday Toy Drive for God’s Pantry

CUUC’s 7th Annual Toy Drive to support God’s Pantry starts Sunday 10/24 and runs until 12/12. This year we will be using monetary donations to purchase the toys rather than having a toy collection. Every year the Pantry gives Holiday Boxes containing a traditional Holiday Dinner to the needy families in East Plano. For every family with a child under 12 years old there will be a gift for the child in the Holiday Box. In many families this is the only gift the child will receive. Sadly, this year the 10-to 12-year-old children are requesting a gift certificate instead of a gift because they need personal items such as socks or underwear and their parents do not have the money for these items. We need to help these children as well as the younger ones this Holiday Season.

God’s Pantry has long been a source of support for the needy in Collin County. They provide food to everyone who comes to their door without exception. Our church pays their electric and communication bills to help their efforts. Our Harvest Garden provides fresh vegetables every Saturday and they are very popular.

You can make a donation to support the Toy Drive by visiting the church website and clicking on the blue Donate Now button. You can also make a donation by sending a check to the church building. If you have questions or comments contact Linda Frank at