Garden News

What’s New in the Garden? As the year draws to a close, we have so many things to look back on with pride. The impact of a community garden spreads much farther than most would imagine! The tally of our garden produce donated to local food banks has reached a 14 year total of over 21,000 pounds! Amazing! Other accomplishments this year include:

• Providing electronic copies of recipes using fresh organic produce

• Promoting good stewardship of natural resources with water conservation techniques, composting garden waste, organic pest management, habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects, caring for the soil

• Mentoring new gardeners

• Supporting former gardener Betsy Friauf’s efforts in establishing an award-winning student/faculty garden at UNT Health Science Center in Ft. Worth

• Inspiring a former Sai gardener to turn her entire backyard into an urban farm (her family donated 600 pounds of produce this year to God’s Pantry)

• Presenting a program on implementation, impact and challenges in creating Community Harvest Garden to the Austin Sai congregation.

Our visibility in the community has been enhanced by drive-by traffic and partnering with Scout groups, Sai congregation and North Texas Food Bank. We have gathered a multicultural and multi-generational garden community, including several families and young adult volunteers from the surrounding area.