Guest At Your Table

On Sunday, December 3rd, we launched our “Guest At Your Table” donation program. This is a yearly event sponsored by the UU Service Committee to help provide needed supplies like food, water, shelter, and medicine to folks in need here in the US and around the world. Our church members and friends are invited to pick up a Guest At Your Table box at church and a flyer with stories about people pictured on the boxes. During the next few months we invite everyone to donate by placing coins in their box at their mealtimes at home. A donation of 50 cents a day can help secure some much desired funds for those in need. In January you can bring back the box with the coins inside or spend some time counting them and then write a check made out to the UU Service Committee with Guest At Your Table in the bottom left side of the check. For anyone donating $150 or more, this donation will be matched by the Shelter Rock UU Church. Please be generous and bring back your donations to give to Anne or Chet Smith or send your checks in the envelopes also provided at church. Many thanks from Anne Smith, UU Service Committee representative at CUUC.