6th and 7th Grade: Middle school is the age where we really begin to put our values into practice: speaking up against bullying, tackling thorny questions of right and wrong, and getting involved in social justice projects. It is also the age where peer relationships are all-important, so we include plenty of opportunities for discussion, games, and bonding, too!

8th and 9th Grade: Coming of Age alternating with Our Whole Lives:

These two years are critical in developing healthy relationships with ourselves, our peers, and the wider church community. We are proud to offer two special classes for our maturing youth. Our Whole Lives at the middle school level is a full-year program focusing on relationships, values, and sex education in a moral and ethical context. Coming of Age offers participants a year to think through and articulate their personal belief systems, culminating in a youth-led worship service and a Heritage Trip to Boston, funded by the class’ fundraising efforts throughout the year.