Special Message from CUUC Newly Selected President-Elect

A Special Message from Deb Bliss – On December 18th, 2022, your Board of Trustees voted to approve my service as President-Elect through May 2023. I will be on the slate to become the Congregational President in June. I accept this responsibility with a deep desire to see our congregation survive and thrive.Bob and I are so very grateful to the faithful Board Members, Worship Associates, Religious Education Board, Communication, Finance, Facilities, and Tech Committees, as well as Church Administrator John Elder. These people have worked tirelessly with Pastor Kris Cervantes since our lock down to keep us afloat these past three years.

Please join me in finding ways you can be part of the work to grow our voice in North Texas.Consider these volunteer opportunities: Contact me at pres-elect-past@communityuuchurch.org if you have an interest.

  • Spring Stewardship Drive
  • Religious education teacher
  • Coordinator for Circle Suppers
  • Coordinator to promote healthy snacks for coffee hour
  • Facilitator for Church Chats
  • Greeter or Usher(Sunday Mornings)