During our week of extreme winter weather our church building suffered from burst pipes and LOTS of water damage. Volunteers gave their time and expertise to curtail the damage, and begin the enormous job of clean up. We want to shout out a THANK YOU to Tom Brikowski, Jo Howser, Bill Daffinee, and Dick Hildenbrand for their endless hours of giving, to stop the water from pouring into our building, removing the burst pipe and removing the water that had gathered into rooms and soaked our carpets. Wow – this is volunteerism at its peak! And to top it off, many more gave at least 3 hours on Saturday, February 20 to begin the long trek of clean-up. Our appreciation shines out to Steve Mason, Jen Mason, Mark Rachel, Bob Bliss, Deb Bliss, Mike Edgmon, Sam Mount, Will Huebel, Piper Huebel (youth), Eric Schnurr, Bob Hicks, Charlie Richardson, Nikole Witt, Brennan Hadden, Ronan Hadden (youth), Conner Hadden (youth), Jo Howser, Tom Cox (CUUC Visitor), Anna Cox (CUUC Visitor), Srini Madala (Sai Center), Chitra Niranjan (Sai Center), Niranjan Hanumanna (Sai Center), Yatish Mistry (Sai Center), Tom Brikowski, Jo Howser, Bill Daffinee, and Dick Hildenbrand.

Restoration has begun, as our Board of Trustees invests their time guiding our church through the renovation and remodeling process.

To all of our volunteers, we thank you. Your heartfelt donation of time and expertise is valued.