What’s New in the Garden?

Water, wait, and watch for greening.That’s been our patient mantra as we assess the February freeze damage at Community Harvest Garden.The resilience of many plants has amazed us, particularly deceptively delicate appearing cilantro. Each year we allow some cilantro plants to go to seed. The fernlike foliage provides beneficial insect nurseries (think ladybugs) and the resulting coriander seeds are useful in cooking. We’ve created new community beds for okra and melons. These crops take up a good deal of space in our 4’x16’ plots and this effort helps to avoid paths clogged with tangled vines and shade on other plants. After spreading a blend of soil and compost, adding nutrients, dried molasses, and water, we wait several weeks to plant giving the microorganisms a chance to multiply and prepare a welcoming habitat for our seeds. A soaker hose aids in summer watering detail. Keeping bare soil covered with mulch will reduce weeds and evaporation. We use bales of coastal hay. Shredded leaves also work well and eventually breakdown to add organic matter to our thick clay soil. While the weather is pleasant this month, bring your family and friends to stroll through the paths. We have benches and tables for your picnic!