Winter Coat Drives for Human Rights Initiative of North Texas and Barron Elementary

This is time of year when you are changing out your summer clothes for winter togs here in Texas. Give those slightly used jackets and coats you find a new recycled life with someone who will appreciate your warm gifts. Two of our ministries are asking for help for their clients and students. Human Rights Initiative needs warm coats and shoes/boots for their clients, many of whom came here from much warmer climes and haven’t experienced cooler weather. Their needs span all ages from toddlers to adults (primarily women), with teens included. Barron Elementary is also requesting coats and jackets for their elementary students. Gloves and hats will be welcomed by both groups as well. We support these two ministries throughout the year with their many needs – lists of needed items (in addition to this request for warm winter gear) can be found in the alcove in the main hallway. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by our friends and neighbors. Cash donations will also be accepted to purchase items from Goodwill if necessary to add to our bounty. This drive will last thru November as HRI gives out their Holiday Bounty packages to their clients at the beginning of December.