Board of Trustees

The Board serves the congregation by establishing broad policies for the governance of the church and acting as guardian of its organizational, spiritual, and financial health. Its members are elected annually in May.

Kimberly Schramm   President
Sarah Reiling   Past President
Kimberly Schramm   Programs (acting)
Cindy Hadden   Treasurer
Tom Brikowski   Facilities
Alyssa Church   Communications
Kimberly Schramm   Personnel (acting)
Jodie Zoeller-Bloom   Secretary


Program Board

Kimberly Schramm   Program Board Chair (acting)
Linda Frank   Social Action
Katey Eubanks   Fellowship
Vicki Verinder   Membership
Brennan Hadden   Religious Education
Dick Hildenbrand   Denominational Affairs
Elena Westbrook   Worship