At Community Church, we believe that religious education (RE) is a lifelong process of exploration, learning, and growth. We offer opportunities for children, youth, and adults to learn about Unitarian Universalism, explore their own spirituality, and find ways to put their beliefs into action. If you have any questions about our program, or if you wish to discuss your family’s needs with us, please email us at CUUC’s RE beginnings are described HERE.

To learn more about our RE offerings for a particular age group, please explore the menu at left.

Our Mission Statement

As religious educators, we strive to accomplish the following goals for the children in our community:

  • To enhance self-awareness in an environment in which each person feels supported
  • To promote an understanding of Unitarian Universalist religious heritage, principles, and values, as well as familiarity with other religions of the world
  • To provide a tolerant, open environment in which to explore religious education, growth, moral development, and experiences of tradition and ritual
  • To enhance the development of tools with which to deepen one’s spiritual life
  • To provide opportunities for our church community to demonstrate Unitarian Universalist principles in action by contributing to the larger community in which we live
  • To promote the development of our congregation, youth, and adults, into a joyful, loving community that offers routine and crisis support for all its members.

Religious Education (RE) Classes for Children

We offer age-appropriate religious education most Sunday mornings. RE is not scheduled on a Sunday when a school holiday falls on the following Monday. Children and youth begin their religious education classes on Sunday morning, at 9:15 am. Our lessons are chosen to complement the monthly theme used in the worship services. We draw from all six of our sources: children’s natural sense of wonder and awe, Christian and Jewish heritage, world religions, words of prophetic individuals, science and reason, and earth-based religions.

Want to get involved?

Many of our parents and other members of the congregation volunteer as teachers and classroom helpers, and/or serve on the RE Board. To find out what opportunities are available, please email us at