Thinking of visiting us? We look forward to meeting you! Below are some common questions we receive. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, give us a call at (972) 424-8989.

Where is Community Church? 

We are located at 2875 East Parker Road in Plano, Texas. The church is on the north side of Parker, east of Jupiter Road. There is a link for directions at the top and bottom of this page. 

When are your services? 

Worship begins at 10:30am each Sunday of the year, and generally wraps up by 11:45am. 

What should I wear? 

You are welcome to wear whatever is comfortable for you. Jeans and sneakers are just right for some; others prefer to dress up a bit. Either way, you will fit in.  

Are children welcome? What would my children do if I bring them? 

On Sundays, children are welcome to stay with their families for the worship service. Nursery care is available beginning at 10am. 

What should my children wear? 

Comfort is the rule here as well: kids may be sitting on a carpet or at tables in a classroom, or outside playing on the playground, so anything that’s okay to get a little dirty and appropriate for the weather will be just fine. 

Can our children stay with us during the service? 

Our Religious Education program begins at 9:15 am and ends prior to the 10:30 am worship service. Your children are very welcome to attend our 10:30 am worship service. If they remain with you during the service, please ensure they do not disturb or distract others. At the back of the sanctuary, we have a table with items to keep busy hands of all ages occupied – anyone is welcome to use them during the service. Please return the items to the table at the end of the service. 

What should I do if my baby cries? 

Behind the welcoming desk, with an entrance off the central hall, is our Quiet Room. You will be able to hear the service without any disturbance to other churchgoers. 

What goes on during worship services? 

Many elements of our service will be familiar. We sing hymns, participate in a responsive reading, listen to a story for all ages, share a few moments of silence in prayer or meditation, and hear some inspiring words from the minister or a guest speaker. We include the joys and concerns of members and friends who’ve shared them with us, and we’ll also pass the plate for an offering. Afterwards, you’re welcome to join us for refreshments and conversation across the hall. 

Who is your minister? 

Rev. Dr. Aija Duelm is currently our contracted minister. She skillfully leads our pulpit at least two Sundays every month. In addition, other Sunday services are facilitated by our lay leadership, and feature guest ministers and speakers of many backgrounds. Regardless of who’s speaking from the pulpit, you will find a community committed to one another and to exploring our spiritual truths.

How diverse is your congregation? 

People of many cultural and ethnic backgrounds are active and involved members of our congregation. No matter who you are or where you are from, you are welcome at CUUC!

Does your congregation include gay, lesbian, queer, and transgender people? Are they welcome? 

Yes! UUs believe that a loving community includes everyone, regardless of orientation or gender identity. We have members and friends who are LGBTQ, and we wholeheartedly welcome their presence and participation in all aspects of church life. We are a Welcoming Congregation, which means we continually make an effort to be inclusive, to listen, to educate, and to advocate when it comes to the concerns, needs, and rights of our LGBTQ siblings and friends.  

Are you an accessible congregation?

In addition to designated accessible parking spaces, we have designated close parking for visitors. Our building, sanctuary, classrooms, and restrooms are accessible. Listening devices are available during worship service for those with hearing impairments. We reserve seats on the center aisle of the sanctuary for those using mobility aids who may need additional space. If you have additional needs or concerns, please see an usher and we will do our utmost to make your visit an enjoyable one. Feel free to call us in advance of your visit with any questions you may have.

How large is your church? 

Our membership naturally fluctuates, but it tends to hold at around 140. We also have many “friends” of the church, who are frequent visitors or participants that have not taken the formal step of becoming a member. 

Does your congregation have room for diverse beliefs? 

Absolutely! That’s practically the definition of a Unitarian Universalist Church. We come from various backgrounds, and you’ll notice we include various traditions in our services and readings. We are united by our constant spiritual seeking, and the desire to be a part of an affirming, compassionate community of like-minded individuals. Visit Our Beliefs to learn more. 

How could I get involved in the life of your church? 

There are many ways! We have opportunities for all ages, interests, and abilities. You can use the Connections menu to get some idea of our fellowship groups and volunteer needs. We all take part in the “care and feeding” of our church: the buildings, grounds, and one another, be it through time, talent, or treasure. When you visit, feel free to approach anyone and ask!