State of the UUnion: Lamentation

In the span of two weeks, the United States Supreme Court has launched our nation far backward in time, in freedom, and in credibility. Amid our fear and anger, we are called together for a service of lamentation: for the earth, for women and other … read more.

Yes, And: Zen & the Art of Improv Comedy

Improvisational comedy, like life itself, can’t be done solo. It requires the interactions of at least two people—and often many more. The Golden Rule of real, active, happening-right-now improv is “Always Yes—And!” It means, support the idea of your partner in comedy, then expand on … read more.

Banned Books: We’re Already There

Texas leads the nation in the number of banned and challenged books in its public and school libraries. White Christian Nationalist extremists don’t just target particular books, they have gotten librarians fired, publicly smeared them on social media as pornographers and “groomers” of children for … read more.