Pebbles of Trust

“Trust is a touchstone… One day you come across a real touchstone. You pick it up, it is warm, but still you throw it.” Osho
Trust is the foundation upon which human relationships can be built and flourish. Yet, we have often experienced our trust betrayed … read more.

We Need Each Other

This service celebrates our connection to each other here at Community UU and beyond in the wider community. This will be a shortened service to make time for the de- escalation presentation at 12 noon by Homeland Security. Please plan to attend this valuable presentation. Music by … read more.

Songs for the People

“Our world, so worn and weary
Needs music, pure and strong,
To hush the jangle and discords
Of sorrow, pain, and wrong.” Francis Ellen Watkins Harper
This is our annual music Sunday when our choir guides us in worship through song and music. We will celebrate the power of … read more.