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The Journey of the Birds: Our Call to Leadership

Geese fly together in formation, upholding each other to make their journey easier. They take turns leading. This Sunday is our turn to elect our next leaders. Let’s reflect on our call to leadership as part of the shared ministry. We will hold a teacher appreciation ceremony to celebrate our RE teachers. Our choir will … Continue reading The Journey of the Birds: Our Call to Leadership

Mother’s Day / Flower Communion

Anyone who has mothered a child, we honor you. Each flower represents our unique humanity, yet we are alike in our need for kindness and care. By exchanging flowers, we show our willingness to walk together in our search for truth, disregarding all that may divide us. Music provided by Krista Benesch.

The Giant Turnip: the power of working together

Alone we can do only so much. When we come together we can do so much more. Drawing on the Ukrainian fairy tale about the Giant Turnip we will consider the importance and power of working together. Music by the CUUC Choir.