Speaker: Rev. Dr. Aija Duelm

The Journey of the Birds: Our Call to Leadership

Geese fly together in formation, upholding each other to make their journey easier. They take turns leading. This Sunday is our turn to elect our next leaders. Let’s reflect on our call to leadership as part of the shared ministry. We will hold a teacher appreciation ceremony to celebrate our RE teachers. Our choir will … Continue reading The Journey of the Birds: Our Call to Leadership

The Giant Turnip: the power of working together

Alone we can do only so much. When we come together we can do so much more. Drawing on the Ukrainian fairy tale about the Giant Turnip we will consider the importance and power of working together. Music by the CUUC Choir.

Songs for the People

“Our world, so worn and weary Needs music, pure and strong, To hush the jangle and discords Of sorrow, pain, and wrong.” Francis Ellen Watkins Harper This is our annual music Sunday when our choir guides us in worship through song and music. We will celebrate the power of music to bring liberation and soothe … Continue reading Songs for the People

Pebbles of Trust

“Trust is a touchstone… One day you come across a real touchstone. You pick it up, it is warm, but still you throw it.” Osho Trust is the foundation upon which human relationships can be built and flourish. Yet, we have often experienced our trust betrayed and have learned a habit of not trusting as … Continue reading Pebbles of Trust

Hope Rises

As our stewardship drive nears its end we will celebrate the Easter story of hope rising among us. Our choir will be performing.   Click on this link to view the videos of our service on YouTube: Video Link Click on this link to view our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/CommunityUUChurchofPlano

Redesigning the Worlds

We all may have at times outgrown our clothes, but what happens when we outgrow our faith? Unitarian Universalists are at the doorsteps of new possibilities. Come and reflect together what Article II proposal is all about. Music provided by CUUC Music Director, Krista Benesch.   Click on this link to view the videos of … Continue reading Redesigning the Worlds