Speaker: Rev. Dr. Aija Duelm

The Gift of Mistakes

Unitarian Universalists have inherited a theology that calls us toward perfection. How does this theology continue to impact how we deal with mistakes? Your own and those of others? Do you believe that mistakes can be a good thing or are they a hindrance? What … read more.

What Will You Bring?

Come one, come all to our annual Ingathering/Water Communion Worship Service! Everyone is invited to bring water with you and join in to reflect on your hopes for the church and what you are ready to bring into the new church year. We will celebrate … read more.

Living with Questions

Questions lead to transformation like cocoons leads to butterflies. We seek our place in the world and the answers to our hearts’ deep questions. May our hearts be open to unexpected answers.

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Our Faith, Our Church

As we process and seek to heal from the recent attacks at our church, Rev. Aija is inviting us to think about CUUC as our church and what it means to us. What do you like about this church? What keeps you coming back? What here … read more.

Growing Together

Join us as Rev. Aija Duelm leads us on a journey about how our community and our connections with each other are our strengths.


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