Si Se Puede: Yes, It Can Be Done

“A common image for the Fourth of July is the Statue of Liberty. We often read Emma Lazarus’s words, but in many ways they seem aspirational. We faced 4 years of Steven Miller’s white nationalist policies, which were intended to destroy asylum and close our borders to refugees. To what extent have things changed? What are our current policy challenges?” – Bill Holston. Human Rights Initiative of North Texas (HRI) exists to serve immigrants who have suffered human rights abuses with free legal support and social services. This Sunday we continue our tradition of having the wonderful Bill Holston in our pulpit. As the Executive Director of HRI, he traditionally speaks to our church on the first Sunday in July to catch us up on our country’s current immigration, refugee and asylum practices. Be with us on July 3 for “Si Se Puede,” a message to inspire us to hope, spiritual generosity, and hard work in a dark and stormy time for immigration justice. Music will be provided by Claire Miller.

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