Topic: Celebrating Blessings

In the Beginning, God Said Yes!

Join Pastor Kris Cervantes for an exploration of what the Bible actually says regarding transgender and non-binary folks. The Biblical evidence is solidly in favor of a God who loves the whole spectrum of humanity, people of all kinds, created in God’s own diverse and … read more.

Poetry Sunday

Legendary American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti said, “Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone.” Poems might rhyme or not rhyme. They might be just a few syllables long, or so epic in their length that reciting them takes days. They might be sad, … read more.

Banned Books: We’re Already There

Texas leads the nation in the number of banned and challenged books in its public and school libraries. White Christian Nationalist extremists don’t just target particular books, they have gotten librarians fired, publicly smeared them on social media as pornographers and “groomers” of children for … read more.