Speaker: Pastor Kristen Cervantes

Better known as “Pastor Kris”, Kris Cervantes has served as UUWaco’s minister since September 2014. She is a lifelong UU and native Texan. She also serves the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waco, Texas. She received her MDiv (with honors) and a certificate in Sexual and Gender Justice Studies from Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth. She serves on the board of the Greater Waco Interfaith Conference and the Clergy Advisory Board for Planned Parenthood of Central Texas. Kris lives in a little brick house with her husband Robert, son Gabriel (17), and a variety of four-legged family members, as well as lots of books (and dog hair)! Her older son Jack (19) studies print-making and fine arts at UNT. In her spare time, Kris reads (everything), paints, sings, talks to her garden, and drinks far too much coffee with friends.

The Memory of the Living

As we approach All Souls and All Saints Days; as the wind begins to bite and the leaves skirl along the sidewalks; as the season and our thoughts turn to impermanence and the precious fragility of life–we gather on this day to honor and remember … read more.

This Cup of Fire

We light our chalice at Community UU Church every week, and when we extinguish it we carry away its light of truth, warmth of community, and fire of commitment. What else can that small bowl of flame contain? Join Pastor Kris Cervantes on a journey … read more.

Ask Me Anything: Pastor Kris Gets Real

Here’s your chance to ask Pastor Kris Cervantes your questions about Unitarian Universalism, ethical dilemmas, social justice issues and vocabulary, grief and joy, and her own views and life stories. Send your Dear Abby advice requests, your cries for help, your yawps of humanity, and … read more.

To Be Longing

The book of Genesis tells us the story of Hagar, the enslaved woman who bore Abraham’s child Ishmael, and was banished by her enslaver, Sarah, lest Ishmael challenge his brother Isaac for their father’s inheritance. Hagar’s life was one of use and abuse, but she … read more.

Ingathering Service & Water Communion

Join us for a UU tradition that brings us together after the summer, helping us greet the new season and one another in community. You’re invited to bring water to the service to share–from your favorite place, from your travels, from your kitchen–and water will … read more.

Called to Change

Frederick Buechner writes, “God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger coincide.” What does it mean to be called by God, by the good, by love? As Unitarian Universalists we embrace a faith which encourages us not to … read more.