Speaker: Lee Legault-Guest Speaker

Lee Legault works as hospital chaplain in Austin and looks forward to her September 18, 2021 ordination as a UU minister at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin. She practiced law in the areas of civil defense litigation and appeals for fifteen years before heeding her call to be a different kind of counselor. She earned her Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work degrees in May 2020.

Stoic Spiritual Survivor

Stoics were warriors of the mind who trained to build unbreakable will and character.  Roman emperors, enslaved persons, and Vietnam POWs alike have dealt with challenges using Stoic techniques. What might we learn about surviving in this day and age from the ancient mindset of … read more.

Transcendentalist Spirituality

We live in a unique moment in history where Transcendentalist wisdom and CDC guidance overlap. The Transcendentalists advised slowing down, simplifying our lives, and taking time away from crowds in order to elevate our souls. Their spiritual practices in turn bolstered their involvement in social … read more.