Speaker: Rev. Milo Grant-Guest Speaker

Rev. Milo Grant previously spoke at CUUC as Rev. Grant Dooley. Grant attended seminary at Brite Divinity where a friendship began with our own Pastor Kris Cervantes. Grant currently ministers at Lake Shore Baptist Church in Waco.

The Transformative Power of a Story

“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller waiting to be released” – Robin Moore
How does the natural-born storyteller in each of us work to create meaning? We welcome Rev. Milo Grant back to our virtual pulpit to share their own unique story and … read more.


December is a month of remembering. We remember the special moments we’ve had with loved ones throughout the years. We remember the cycle of life and death as the trees shed leaves, dig deep into their roots, and rest during the winter months. Yet in … read more.