Topic: Becoming

Thirsting for Justice: The UU Beatitude

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Our UU values and principles call us to continue the battle against injustice and hate, even in the face of overwhelm. Join Pastor Kris Cervantes for a refreshing drink of water … read more.

Becoming Ihidaya, The Whole-Hearted One

An early title given to the Christ, Ichidaya is most often translated as “The Single One” – a name rife with connotation for a Christendom focused on sexual “purity.” In fact, Ichidaya means “The Whole One” or “The One Not Divided.” What would it mean … read more.

Easter: Mundanity, Mystery, Miracle

Join Pastor Kris Cervantes for this special Easter Sunday service with a celebration of the death and new life of every miraculous day. This service will also feature music from the Community UU Choir with Director Christopher Wolff-Gabel and Susy Gulley. Be part of the … read more.