Topic: Belonging

The Six Harmonies – Essentials of Belonging

For 1600 years, Buddhist congregations have bonded over the Six Harmonies. The sense and reality of belonging to community can be safeguarded and enhanced by exploring and choosing consciously to adopt and practice them. Click on this link to view the videos of our service on YouTube: Video Link Click on this link to view … Continue reading The Six Harmonies – Essentials of Belonging

To Be Longing

The book of Genesis tells us the story of Hagar, the enslaved woman who bore Abraham’s child Ishmael, and was banished by her enslaver, Sarah, lest Ishmael challenge his brother Isaac for their father’s inheritance. Hagar’s life was one of use and abuse, but she longed for more–and the small footnotes of history tell us … Continue reading To Be Longing

Called to Change

Frederick Buechner writes, “God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger coincide.” What does it mean to be called by God, by the good, by love? As Unitarian Universalists we embrace a faith which encourages us not to call others out–but call them in: into loving community, into … Continue reading Called to Change