Topic: Grace

O Solitude

As the Executive Director of the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, Bill leads a life of powerful and committed activism. But how does the activist achieve balance? We all need ways to create a space to crowd out the constant noise of daily life. … read more.

A Great Chasm is Fixed

The story of Lazarus & the rich man calls us to not only notice the great chasm that yawns before us, but to also see the ways we make it deeper, shovels in our hands. What grace can UUs find in this ancient story, especially … read more.

The Unexpected Gift

Music by Christopher Wolff and the Community UU Choir.

The opportunity to experience beauty and wonder is ever-present. This Sunday’s Worship Service at Community UU promises to include many such opportunities as Pastor Kris Cervantes takes to the pulpit as our new Consulting Minister. Join us … read more.