Topic: Renewal

GA Service

Come join us July 28 for a group watch experience!  We will watch a video of the UUA worship service at the General Assembly.  If you have always wanted to see thousands of UU’s worshiping together, this is your chance! We will also have a special collection for Kingston Massachusetts UU Church that was recently severely damaged … Continue reading GA Service

Poetry Sunday

July 21 is our annual Poetry Sunday, and the worship service will be built around poetry readings by our congregants. Some people will read a favorite poem that is meaningful to them and others will read their own original poems. If you love poetry, be sure to make it to this special service. Music provided … Continue reading Poetry Sunday

We Are Still Here

One year ago our church was attacked. We tapped into our resilience, we rebuilt and we kept our resolve to live our values and our mission. To honor our work that we put into recovering and healing, we will lift up perseverance and resilience and stand in solidarity and support with one another. Music provided … Continue reading We Are Still Here

The Justice Gap

“Justice is what love looks like in public” – Cornel West We say that our country has the rule of law, but without equal access to competent legal representation, that is a myth. Our friend, Bill Holston, will be back with us on July 7, to examine the history of Legal Aid, the justice gap, … Continue reading The Justice Gap

A queer sampler: Who are we?

Join us on Pride Sunday as cultural anthropologist Patricia Lander looks back at over six decades of evolving Queer identity from Stonewall to the current challenges the community is grappling with. Music provided by Elena Westbrook.

Building Community Through Privilege

Shalaina Abioye, Executive Director of Human Rights Initiative of North Texas will be with us to speak to the importance of building community to support and uplift the most vulnerable amongst us. Music provided by Elena Westbrook.