Topic: Love

Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters

The prophet Amos had a lot to say about justice for those on the underside of power. Join Pastor Kris Cervantes as she revisits the fiery, prophetic words of a former herdsman who is called to speak truth to power in his own times. What … read more.

Eros & Embodiment

Eros isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! Join us for a look at the intersections of love, sex, life, and power, with a special focus on Black and Womanist thinkers and writers, who hear the scars and wisdom which accompany embodied life on the margins.

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Love Is Not Color Blind

We move into Black History Month with our mouths open in cries of grief, calling the names we still cannot forget, the names newly added to the catalog of violence that ends Black lives: Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Sandra Bland. George Floyd. Tyre Nichols. Join … read more.