Topic: Evil

The Power of Community

Here and now the meaning of community has tremendous gravity. How we form community, participate in community, and sustain community are key aspects of our lives and humanity. Join us as the wonderful Kiya Heartwood returns to lead us with words and songs to explore … read more.

Stoic Spiritual Survivor

Stoics were warriors of the mind who trained to build unbreakable will and character.  Roman emperors, enslaved persons, and Vietnam POWs alike have dealt with challenges using Stoic techniques. What might we learn about surviving in this day and age from the ancient mindset of … read more.

Virtual Animal Blessings

“Blessed are all living things from whom we learn to love.” – Rev Maureen Killoran.     We want you and your pets to be part of our online service this Sunday! Our Online Worship time this week is to honor those animal beings that bring such … read more.

UU the Vote!

UUs are helping to fight voter suppression and to expand voting access for all. 2020 is a benchmark, not an endpoint, in our long-term work toward justice. This Sunday our congregation joins the many UU churches across the country who are participating in the “UU … read more.