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The Gift of Mistakes

Unitarian Universalists have inherited a theology that calls us toward perfection. How does this theology continue to impact how we deal with mistakes? Your own and those of others? Do you believe that mistakes can be a good thing or are they a hindrance? What if we embrace our limitations and imperfections as gifts? What … Continue reading The Gift of Mistakes

The Joy of Mindfulness

Life sometimes feels like an endless round of hurrying and worrying. The mind is preoccupied with re-imagining the past and preparing for the future. There is no time for noticing what is happening here and now. This affects the quality of our relationships and our awareness of the needs of others.  In this talk, Dr. Kalia … Continue reading The Joy of Mindfulness

What Will You Bring?

Come one, come all to our annual Ingathering/Water Communion Worship Service! Everyone is invited to bring water with you and join in to reflect on your hopes for the church and what you are ready to bring into the new church year. We will celebrate the beginning of the church year and our new minister … Continue reading What Will You Bring?