Topic: Resistance

A Hindu Walked into a UU Church

Hinduism and Unitarianism became intertwined two hundred years ago when Ralph Waldo Emerson, a pillar of our religion, was introduced to the “Bhagwat Gita.” This book is a beloved scripture of the Hindus. Emerson’ writings reflect his regard for the Gita and he introduced the … read more.

Music of Life

Music does something for religious sentiment and religious expression that words or silence simply can’t. Please join us for Music Sunday, an annual tradition. Join our Choir and sing songs that proclaim liberty. Songs that turn ashes into garlands. Songs that, like oaks, have roots … read more.

Easter Flower Communion

Join us in a treasured annual celebration of Spring, new life, and the diversity and beauty of nature—including people! You’re invited to bring a flower to the service to share, but we will have plenty of extras, too. Happy Easter!

Click on this link to view … read more.